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Car service is a routine maintenance assessment performed on a car to make sure it is performing as safely and efficiently as possible. To keep the car running smoothly and stop any problems from arising, various inspections and maintenance task are included in car servicing.Depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations, car maintenance is often performed at regular intervals, such as every six months or every twelve thousand miles. Regular maintenance keeps the car operating smoothly and stops possible problems from occurring. Common elements of a car service include:

  • Engine oil and filter change: Changing the engine oil and filter is a basic part of automotive    maintenance.This keeps the engine clean and greased.
  • Brake inspection: Checking the brakes to make sure they are in good condition and not break out. If  brake discs, pads, or callipers are found to be worn out or broken, they may need to be replaced.
  • Air filter check and replacement:If the air filter is blocked or unclean, it should be replaced.By doing so, you may ensure that the engine receives enough air to properly burn fuel.
  • Tire inspection: Verifying the tire depth, pressure, and wear. If worn out or damaged, tires may require rotation, balancing, or replacement.

Suspension and steering inspection: Checking the suspension and steering components for wear and damage, including shock absorbers, springs, and ball joints.


Car repairing is the process of fixing or restoring a car to its original condition or functionality after it has been damaged or broken down. It involves diagnosing the problem, identifying the faulty parts, and replacing or repairing them as needed.There are many various kinds of auto repairs, which includes simple maintenance procedures like oil changes and tire rotations to more involved solutions like engine repairs and gearbox replacements.Some common car repairs include:

  • Suspension repairs: Include replacing of damaged or broken shocks, brackets, and springs.
  • Electrical repairs: Correcting problems with the car’s electrical system, such as battery replacements, engine repairs, and wiring repairs.
  • Engine repairs: Rebuilding or replacing an engine that has been harmed by regular use, accidents, or other problems.

Transmission repairs: repair or replacement of the clutch, gears, and other components of a broken down gearbox.

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Great car service experience. Very unique way of maintaining the transparency of the on going work during the service. So that you always know what's happening with your car at the SR Enterprises workshop. SR Enterprises engineers are extremely professional and they giye you accurate feedback about your car's conditions. Their honest approach is truly commendable. Got a service and also got my car denting painting work done. Found the work to be very professional.
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The most crucial things that business would lacks today is transparency, reliability & genuineness. And hence most customers are sceptical when its comes to car servicing. But SR Enterprises has been the game changer. Got my car serviced through them on 2 occasions, and they have done a fantastic job. Reasonable rates, Genuine spare parts, Real-time updates/pictures...what more do you expect? Way better than any other Authorized Service Center for any make!!
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I got a car serviced for my Hyundai Grand i10. This was my first experience with SR Enterprises. I must say I'm quite pleased with them in every way. They did an excellent in job in sharing live videos of car repair. Updating me on the progress and sharing all the recommendations and costing. I have never come across this level of professionalism and honestly at least in India till date. SR Enterprises employess advise you best not to spend unnecessarily on servicing at the same time not neglecting what is important. This you definitely won't find anywhere else.

Shri Rajasthan Enterprises is the top automobile repairing workshop in all over the Alwar. We offers you a top-notch auto body repair, dent removal and painting services, also provide a lifetime paint warranty.